Coronavirus / COVID-19 Public Poll

Understanding the general consensus.

The current COVID-19 outbreak is occurring at a unique point in history, where, because of the internet, information is available faster and on a wider scale than ever before. While this is great, it also makes it possible for misinformation to spread as quickly as correct information. The purpose of this poll is to collect a general consensus of how real people feel about the current situation. Not reporters or news anchors, not politicians or lawmakers, not pharmaceutical companies or social media giants.

How it works:
We have created a public poll to catalog how much information people have on COVID-19, and what their general feelings are towards the situation. We invite and encourage anyone to take the poll so that you can see where your levels of knowledge and concern on the situation are compared to your peers around the world.

As more people take the poll, patterns and averages will emerge, which can be shown to people as an unbiased source of information.  There is a lot of fear based information coming from the mainstream media so we want to hear it directly from the average person. To keep bots from stepping in, the poll only allows one vote per person.

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