A More Organic Approach To Influencer Marketing

Use Virra's network of influencers to promote your brand or service for as little as $25


Let's talk about engagement. 

Nano influencers are key! Data suggest that traditional influencers with 100,000+ followers have average engagement rates around 2.5%. Instagram users with 2,000 followers or less (nano) have average engagement rates closer to 11%.

Did you know approximately 70% of users on Instagram have 1,000 followers or less? That's over 700 Million users!


At Virra, we believe everyone is an influencer, even the person with 100 followers, because a lot of littles = a lot.

Here's How It Works

One-To-Many... One Time.

The above example is how it works when working directly with a traditional influencer. On day 1, the influencer posts your brand's content and it has the potential to be seen by 100,000 people with an expected engagement rate around the industry average 2.5%. After the post has been made, the campaign is over and from day 2 onwards, the content is buried on peoples social timelines as more and more content is generated by people in their network. This is a One-To-Many model.

Many-To-Many... Many Times.

This is how it works with Virra. We guarantee at least 50 different influencers will post your brand's content, while still reaching the same number of people as the traditional influencer in the One-To-Many model. However, your content is posted over days, weeks, or even months depending on your budget and creates what we call a, stagnated, Many-to-Many model. In most cases, you can also expect much higher engagement rates when advertising with Virra. Additionally, your budget is only spent when Virra users post the content/copy you provide, or when they make a custom post that fits your predetermined guidelines.

Measure Performance

A "Touch-Free" Brand Dashboard.

On the go, with no time or desire to learn how to use "influencer software"? Virra is perfect for you. Measure your campaign's performance at a glance. No crazy bells and whistles that you have to keep up with and manage. Just simple, read only, information on how much you've spent, the total number of posts that have been made, and the total number of followers your content has reached.


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